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Sip Tips
Sips of the Trade

Temperature and Light are Beer, Wine and Spirits worst enemy. Store your bottles is dark places where temperatures do not exceed 75 degrees F or drop below 40 degrees F

Glassware can make or break your beverage of choice!

  • This goes for shape and size
  • Consider the aromas when selecting glassware: Larger openings for full and robust aromas and smaller openings for light and delicate aromas
Younger wines require time to open up and oxidize in order to enjoy the full range of flavors and complexity
  • This especially goes for big bold reds
  • This is why some wines are meant to be aged, as the years progress a slight amount of air seeps in through the cork helping the wine to evolve.
    Decanting or aerating your wine accelerates this process
Does all wine get better with age?
  • The answer is no. Most should be drunk young, especially white wines.
  • In fact, the only wine that truly that gets better the longer it remains in the bottle is Vintage Port.
What’s that in the bottom of my glass?!
  • Sediment is common in many wines and beers, this means the product as been unfiltered.
  • Sediment often times add to the flavors and complexity and is usually a sign that your beverage has not been over processed.